Patient & Provider Testimonials

Curious about the benefits of telemedicine? Here’s what our local patients and medical providers have to say about their experiences with telemedicine:

Lowville Medical Associates:

Our pediatric patients love to come see the “TV Doctor.” They are comfortable instantly with the remote setting.

“One patient stands out — A six-year-old little boy that lives with his single mother. He was born via C-section at 30 weeks, spending the first nine weeks of his life in the NICU. He has a diagnosis of ADHD and many behavioral/learning issues at school, with severe temper tantrums. He loves to come see the ‘TV Doctor.'”

North Country Family Health Center:

“An 18-year-old female in the Watertown area was seen through telepsychiatry for anxiety and depression. The patient was placed on medication and was able to work through issues and responded well to treatment.”

“Her symptoms improved and she was discharged back to her primary care provider and is no longer on medication for behavioral health issues. She graduated from school and is pursuing a military career.”

River Hospital:

“A teenager was referred to our clinic over anger outbursts, mood swings, emotional instability and impulsive behaviors. Initially, this client came to the clinic taking four separate medications, none of which the client or their mother felt were helpful.”

“During the first telepsychiatry appointment, a thorough evaluation of the client’s medications was conducted and assessed for effectiveness.”

After several sessions, it was agreed that the client was finally benefiting from the medication changes and was stabilizing.

“Through medication management and verbal therapy, this client has made tremendous strides.”