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We recognize that not all patients live near the hospital or medical specialist they need access to. We’re here to bridge that gap and ensure all patients have access to the care they need.

Using telemedicine, a patient can visit a provider or hospital located near them to connect with specialist in another area. The specialist can diagnose and provide care for the individual using video conferencing and other telemedical equipment provided at the facility in a familiar office setting.

Patients within the North Country Telehealth Partnership’s service area have completed more than 5,000 appointments in the past several years, and that number will continue rising in years to come. Better yet, fewer than 1 in 10 of those appointments were cancelled or otherwise interrupted — a great sign that telemedicine is convenient and comfortable for patients.

Your Privacy is Important

The providers and hospitals participating in our telemedicine network know that a patient’s privacy and personal health information is sensitive. Just like at a face-to-face appointment with your health care provider, all of your confidential medical information will be protected and only shared with the health care professionals involved in your care. Our telehealth network is encrypted and HIPAA-compliant. No patient information is stored.


How can we help you?

We strongly believe that telemedicine is a significant and rapidly-growing component of health care delivery in rural New York. The North Country Telehealth Partnership strives to:

  • Increase provider efficiency
  • Reduce patient cost for accessing providers
  • Make rural health facilities more effective in delivering primary care

Please take a moment to complete our patient interest survey. Your participation will help us to continue to make improvements to ensure we are supporting the best telehealth care possible.

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