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AMC Health, University of Rochester Medical Center Share Early Results of Telehealth Study in Parkinson’s Disease

Based on a press release from AMC Health.

AMC Health, in collaboration with the University of Rochester Medical Center, announced today the interim results of a telehealth study conducted in subjects with Parkinson’s Disease. The results were presented April 26 at the American Academy of Neurology in Boston.

The study — which is a sub-study of a larger NIH-funded Phase 3 trial — assessed the feasibility, reliability and value of deploying virtual eVisits in a Parkinson’s Disease study population compared to traditional in-person visits.

The virtual visit deploys a smartphone device which provides a secure video connection between the study subject at home, and the clinical study team. During the scheduled eVisit session, blood pressure and weight measures are collected via Bluetooth sensor devices, and a series of motor and non-motor assessments are conducted by the study team and entered via on-screen clinical assessment workflows. The study also included patient reported assessments to determine ease of use, patient satisfaction, and the likelihood that patients believe virtual visits would benefit future trials.

“We hope this study will lay the foundation for bringing clinical trials to participants in the future,” said Dr. Ray Dorsey, Professor of Neurology and Director of the CHET at the University of Rochester Medical Center. “Clinical trials should seek to reduce, not increase the burden on those that volunteer to participate in clinical trials.”

The interim results supported the principle that motor and non-motor assessments via virtual research visits is feasible in individuals with Parkinson’s Disease. In addition, over 90% of patients reported being ‘very satisfied’ or ‘satisfied’ with the convenience, connection and comfort of the virtual visit, and over 75% of patients agreed that they would be more interested in future clinical trials which included a component of eVisits from the convenience of home.

“We are very encouraged by these interim results that demonstrate the value of offering eVisits to clinical trial  participants to reduce their burden, and leads to the likelihood that more patients will participate in clinical trials in the future,” said Michael O’Brien, President of the Clinical Trials Division of AMC Health.

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